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Smartdrinks GmbH Betrug!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, with this letter we must inform you about the ongoing crimininal activities of Mr. Armin Karl Steingruber and his son Sören Steingruber. Due to the increasing actual severity of theses activities within the last couple of month that caused massive economic loss of a variety of International honest working companies, we see the exigency to bring this issue to mass media and governmental sources globally. Listing: - ongoing tax case defraudation of revenues in Germany - public authorities fraud - fraudulent business activities in (to be mentioned) global networks - money laundry big scale - weapon and drug involvment (big scale money laundring and acquisition - customs fraud illegal declaration of goods - fraudulent activities against global food standarts Connections: Steingrubers dangerous network including own companies in Germany, Italy, Swiss, Ghana, British Virgin Island and Dubai as well as companies of seceral business partners in the corrosponding countries. The companies in Germany and Dubai acting illegally due to a lack of an official headquarter. Germanies authorities are investigating since month for big scale tax frauds. The criminal activities are initiated through food & beverage business, generated on global fairs. The only purpose: money laundry for criminal institutions ! The money transaction run over banks in Italy, Switzerland, Ghana & Dubai, its only purpose is to laundry large amounts of money to finanze weapons and drug deals as well as to leverage political balances like civil war in African countries. Implementation are in Iran, Bahrain and Ukraine (latest)(exact details to come soon after anonymous investigations) Participating companies: 1) Smart Drinks Germany GmbH Meisenburgstr. 79c 45133 Essen 2) Dockers International Ltd. Bredeneyer Str. 2b 45133 Essen 3) Budget Cash & Carry Accra Ghana 4) SK Beverage FZE P.O. Box: 31291 Al- Jazeera Al- Hamra Rash Al Khaimah 5) Smart Drinks Ltd. Trident Chambers, Wickhams Cay P.O. Box 146 Road Town Tortola Virgin Islands (BR) 6) Jaguar Energy Drink For security reasons all sources stay ANONYMOUS.
18.1.14 09:56


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